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    These are the wholesome badasses that help represent D20 in the gaming community.  Check them out and be sure to follow their channels! 

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    "When playing video games is your job, it’s easy to lose yourself in the work you do. For the majority of streamers, that involves an extremely large portion of your day sitting behind a computer -- which is detrimental to your body. Taking care of your body and mind is important. Sometimes we lose sight of that.

    I’ve made it a point to start taking better care of myself and I’m happy I have a company like D20 backing me up. For starters, the products work. I use Prelixir regularly for gym sessions, and Reboot whenever I know I’ll need a solid night’s rest.

    More importantly, though, I appreciate how clean the products are. Supplements in general can be very intimidating, especially for people who are just beginning a fitness journey. D20 is transparent about their ingredients; has them all listed right on their website for you to examine and learn more about the benefits and why they are included.

    It gives peace of mind to somebody like me who doesn’t want to pollute their body with a bunch of chemicals they don’t need."

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    "Staying healthy and fit is extremely important to me to balance out my life as a streamer and illustrator, which usually means being tied to a desk for work. I need to be active to stay mentally and physically healthy and balance out the lifestyle my work demands.

    D20 produces solid products that I use daily, and have become such a staple part of my productive life. They help me wake up and hit my workouts the way they need to be done, and they help me get a full nights rest so I can rinse and repeat for maximum results."

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    "After 5 years USMC it's been a big adjustment sitting at a desk 10-12 hours a day. Good health has become more important to me than ever so I can keep my head sharp, and stay sexy for chat. D20 came through at the perfect time to help bring my noodle arms back to their former greatness.

    I start and end every day with D20. Prelixer genuinely feels like such a smooth kick of energy in the gym, and doesn't leave me jittery or uncomfortable afterwards when I'm gaming. As someone who's struggled for years since leaving the Marine Corps when it comes to sleeping, Reboot has been absolutely game-changing at night."

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    "The body influences the mind. When I feel good physically, I feel good mentally. When I feel good mentally, I feel like I can take on anything.

    I’ve dealt with insomnia my entire life, and I’ve always sought more natural, supplement based remedies. Reboot is giving me the best sleep of my life, bar none."

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    "Moving from a job where I was on my feet 12+ hours a day to sitting at a desk all day and night meant that I needed to take my health into my own hands. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind - allowing you to make those split-second decisions in-game.

    D20’s Prelixir is the exact pick-me-up I need in the middle of the day to remove brain fog, focus on the task at hand, and take my energy to the next level for both gaming and streaming.

    I find it incredibly important that I can see every ingredient clearly labeled on D20’s product packaging. We should all be a little more mindful of what we put into our bodies!"

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    "I have always taken gaming very seriously, from being Rank #1 sniper in the Battlefield Franchise to late night raiding in World of Warcraft.

    This year I am pushing myself to another level for peak performance. That made me realize my focus on not just gaming, but taking seriously my physical health to truly bring my gaming to the next tier. D20 helps me not only with clarity while gaming, but man does it give me that extra kick at the gym.

    I truly appreciate the fact that D20 also helps me by providing a way for me to restart my day with Reboot, so I can slow my thoughts and absorb all the hard work from the day to continue growing my skills!”

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    “How you feel mentally and physically really effects your decision making, mood and overall thought process when it comes to gaming. 

    Reboot has helped me tremendously with not being able to get a good nights rest and waking up feeling energized.  Prelixir In the morning keeps me boosted to take on the various tasks I do in the day, on and off the controller. ”

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    "My health is super important to me! Being a gamer and streamer, means not being super active anymore. I used to be a 4 year varsity volleyball player and now I'm a dragon and Fortnite slayer. 

    D20's products have helped me get the motivation and energy I need to bet back into being active, all while insuring my body isn't being drowned in toxic energy drinks. Reboot has helped me regain a healthy sleep schedule while Prelixir gets me up and going in the morning, at work, in the gym or midway through a long stream! "

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    "When I started streaming, I got so caught up in creating content that I started to become more sedentary than I had ever been. I began putting on weight and I felt tired all the time. Now, I incorporate fitness and healthy living into my stream to show others that they can do it too!

    It’s so easy to get caught up in life. We all need to stop and take time for ourselves so that we can continue to present the best versions of ourselves to the world.

    I am notorious for reading the ingredients on everything. Naturally, I enjoy that D20 puts quality ingredients into their products and are transparent about their ingredients in general. Not to mention D20’s mission! Encouraging gamers to make their health a priority makes me eager to get on board."

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    "Being a gamer doesn't have to mean being unhealthy. Staying in shape gives me more energy to bring to the table, on and offline. Content creators like myself need that energy to do what we do every day.

    D20 has had an immense impact on my journey into fitness and my sleep schedule. Reboot makes it far easier to get to bed after hours in front of a screen, and Prelixir makes trips to the gym exhilarating instead of exhausting."

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    "As a gamer, my health is important to me because a good round doesn’t start when you pick up the controller. It starts when you wake up that morning. Plus, a healthy body is a healthy mind. Mix it all together and it’s GGs.

    D20 has created an energy mix that isn’t all about, “How sweet can we make it?!" The flavors are closer to a tea, and I can drink tea all day. To have everything I need for working out or gaming in a nice tea is the best. D20 allows me that, plus the energy to grind any time."

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    "As someone who grew up being very active, health and fitness has always been a priority to me. The standing of my health affects my overall being and I’ve been able to relieve stress and become stronger through finding the right balance of healthy living and fitness. Being a gamer honestly really pushes me to want to take care of myself more just from sitting at a desk for a few hours at a time, so I’ve been incorporating more health and fitness into my streams by broadcasting more dance training, healthy cooking, and mental health discussion forums.


    D20 is honest, up front, and very clear on what it’s about. Leading active and healthy lifestyles are things that I want to encourage others to do and I believe that D20 does the best in cultivating and encouraging a community to do just that and inspire others. What I love about D20’s products is that they taste and feel different from other supplements I’ve tried. It feels natural and I love that there’s a product for better sleep aid. D20 is about positivity and just aiding a better lifestyle for you."

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    “In my lifetime, I've learned that a healthy well-nourished body helps the mind. A sharp mind helps any gamer get past any challenge. I play games like Devil May Cry, and nothing feels better than an SSS ranking.

    D20 from the first taste has been a pleasure, most pre-workouts accelerate my heart rate to a level of discomfort and stress. This is the first product I've wanted to continue using”

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    "For too long I allowed myself to be complacent in my own health, now I've decided to put my body first and take care of the most important video game controller I'll ever have. 

    D20 products have propelled me to not only work longer and harder but also allow me to sleep and relax better. The company has supported my weight loss journey like no other. "

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    "For me, being healthy in body is the best way to also be healthy in mind & soul. We all struggle with our own demons, and keeping up with a fitness routine and diet is an easy way to make myself happier on a daily basis. Making the decision to take care of your body is a huge step towards finding peace within yourself.

    That this isn’t just a product that attempts to keep you awake during the day by pumping sugar into your bloodstream… This is a product made to help you lead a healthier lifestyle! Made by people who care about the consumer! D20 truly understands their audience."

    Welcome to the D20 Strength Discord server! Our server is a dedicated space for gamers to go for information, guidance, coaching, and community focused on health and wellness. Whether you're looking for fitness tips, motivation, feedback, philosophy, or friends, there is something for you here.